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A meeting of stories, stories of encounters and farewells.

The act of telling stories is a human need, linking events, situations, looks and interpretations. Narrating these facts in a playful and passionate way, seducing and transporting the listener to this universe, is the role of the storyteller. This is how Contæncontros invites the viewer to travel through different situations and places and also into himself.

In the company of good stories

And now Zezé, what animal is he?
by Semiramis Paterno and André Bordini

This video features a presentation of 23 animals, from A to Z. Each animal comes with a song and a beautiful illustration. The best is the proposed interactivity. In the link below you can find the illustrations and create the animal you want, an abefante, a jacaceronte, and whatever else you come up with.

Running Water
by Miriam Fontana

Running Water is an adventure of rivers and waters. Beginning with the birth of a small river, the offspring of rain, and the waters of a spring that flow between the stones, Running Water takes the viewer on a journey alongside the waters of the river. And there are so many surprises along the way!!! Who would say that the sea is not the only end of every path of a river and that the essence of water can reveal secrets that we can't even imagine?

Cerrado Hug
by Miriam Fontana

The video made for FUNARTE RespiroArte translates the drama of a woman character who inhabits this cerrado, the recovery of legendary stories, the fear of destruction of the land, and the desire for life to flourish. The argument of the text brings the idea that the fantastic creatures of the Brazilian cerrado left because the house where they lived no longer exists, due to so much deforestation and burning. The female character invokes the legendary figures of the region, Arranca Línguas, Mãe-de-Ouro, as well as Pé de Garrafa, Pai do Mato, Negro d'Água, to come to her aid. The Cerrado Hug video is above all an emphatic appeal that seeks to find resonance in the hearts of those who come to watch it, the spectators. Symbolically, the last image, the rain, is a reference to the sources of the rivers that flow in the cerrado. The region holds a gigantic water volume. Rain is a sign of the continuity of life and its presence is the certainty that the life cycle continues.

I Rio Pardinho Pardo Pardão
Based on the work of Perci Guzzo

Eu Rio is a conversation between a housewife and herself while preparing a meal. Non-conformist and good-natured, she knows that the river that passes through her city guards life that cannot be destroyed.

Reversal of the Creation Account
Verses by Jörg Zink

Reversal of the Account of Creation by Jörg Zink is a poem written in the 1970s. The environmental concerns of five decades ago have become even greater. Will we human beings be able to reverse the situation?

The Color of Life
Semiramis Paterno picture book

Two mothers, one white and one black, lose their children in the crowd.

It was just a mess.

Oh Soft!
by André Luís Oliveira

Just like people who look and don't see.

It took a little while for the sloth and the monkey to understand each other.

The beautiful story of the girl who was afraid of the dark but didn't tell anyone
by Cordeiro de Sa

Have you ever heard of a girl who was afraid of the dark?

a nice boy

by André Oliveira and Arnaldo Junior

Do you know a boy like Dani Down?

Emma and the Dream
by Cordeiro de Sa

Breathe, pay attention It's about to begin ... ... a story for everyone! Especially, who knows, for those between 2 and 6 years old and their companions.

Seven Threads of Water
The Kite and the Flower

Míriam Fontana and Evandro Navarro in "Seven Threads of Water" and "The Kite and the Flower".

A fable about the fable.

Here, Miriam Fontana tells  "A fable about the fable", an Arabic tale.

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