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Casa da Arte has been developing projects in the audio visual area, especially with the aim of attracting investors, supporters and sponsors with or without tax incentives.


Metamorphosis is the title of the feature film project in high-tech computer graphics for distribution in cinemas, TV, and streaming, conceived by Jair Correia, an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist currently residing in Ribeirão Preto/SP.

A plot that already inhabits our imagination.

Based on Die Verwandlung, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis tells the story of Gregor Samsa, a man who forces himself to be a traveling salesman, no longer having a life of his own to financially support all the family's expenses.


One morning, waking up for work, Gregor sees that he has turned into a disgusting insect. Gregor realizes the disgust he causes his family, and at first, he only has his sister who feeds him, but who later also rejects him. Gregor is stigmatized and marginalized by others who, around him, extend a sanitary cord to make him invisible. Gregor's metamorphosis goes beyond the physical transformation and involves a change in behavior, attitudes, and feelings, generating above all a change in opinions.


At a time when the domestic economy begins to decline, the house's servants are fired, a housekeeper is hired and the family rents a room in the apartment to tenants in order to increase their income.


However, hiding an insect the size of an adult man is no easy task, and the moment the family's secret is wide open, all the feelings kept explode until the irremediable tragic end.


Metamorphosis is a large project, whose copyright for cinema belongs to Jair Correia registered at the National Library.


The entire study of the filmic environment for the film has already been developed, including director Jair Correia's trip to Prague (Czech Republic) for this purpose.


It is important to point out right away that the insect in the story will never be seen in its full form. Always a part, a shadow, a trace, so that the spectator's imagination can access its darkest projections.


The production of the film is supported by the structure of the company Casa da Arte Mult Meios Ltda., duly registered with ANCINE.


Project underway at the Ministry of Culture, SALIC, by Law 8.313/1991 (Rouanet Law - Tax Waiver)

Teresa's Chimeras

Teresa's Chimeras is a project for a feature film proposed by Casa da Arte Multi Meios Ltda., to be directed by filmmaker Jair Correia. The film foresees a cast with 4 actors in the central plot (two men and two women), a predominant location in a country house, and a plot that involves events present in different planes that do not easily fit together. The entire realization and production are expected to take place with a team currently residing in the city of Ribeirão Preto and with highly qualified artists and technicians.


There are several aspects that should be highlighted in this project: Decentralization. It is very important for the cinematographic development of São Paulo to recognize that productions outside the capital have effective technical and artistic conditions to develop a work of excellent quality. Decentralization contributes to a balanced demographic life, without people who want to develop a job in the field of cinema being forced to look for the metropolis.


Low budget. With production based on the talent of the artists involved and on an engaging narrative, significant for current times, with a location centered on a space of multiple possibilities, a house with a view of a large valley, the film Teresa's Chimeras can be designed and completed on a low budget.

Plot. The desire for inner peace, after a life of great achievements, does not come true. What provides a sense of accomplishment for a woman of mature age in modern times? Professional success? The formation of a family? Financial peace of mind? Life away from the urban turmoil? Loneliness and solitude interfere in Tereza's daily life. The state of solitude that Tereza so desires, privacy bestowed by the privilege of a life in contact with nature, begins to be shaken, sometimes with events, sometimes with dreams that invade her mind. It will remain for the spectator to reflect on what are the requirements for success that the social and economic system imposes and which ones we have the structure to embrace without the future, when it arrives, becoming a charge.


Especially for women, life choices run a very high risk of becoming internal debts that undermine peace of mind when old age arrives. Tereza knows that voluntary isolation does not mean any association with suffering, but memories can emerge after an emotional trigger is triggered. Memory is treacherous, it breaks down and builds itself with images of a scrambled jigsaw puzzle.


Musical Direction. André Mehmari, a musician who lived for many years in the city of Ribeirão Preto and today has an international artistic performance.


Scenography. The location of the film's space is one of the highlights. The house is owned by Eduardo Figueiredo, a renowned architect who designed the film's scenography and owns the location chosen for the film.


Script. Fully authored by Jair Correia, the script is already registered at XXX under nº DA – 2022 – 022254



The peaceful retreat in the countryside that Tereza built especially for herself after a successful professional life did not bring her the inner peace she so desired. Strange events invade his daily life, in addition to the constant disturbance of an irritating telemarketer who abuses unwanted calls on his cell phone.

The Casa da Arte Multi Meios Ltda. is duly registered in

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