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Suddenly everything outside was different and the time spent at home became much longer, as it had never happened before. Then a will that did not find its way to birth happened.

The stories from actress Míriam Fontana's repertoire met the sensibility of the filmmaker's gaze Jair Correia.

With you, Out of the seriesat home.

Shall we tell a story?

with Miriam Fontana

This video-lesson presented by Míriam Fontana brings a reflection on the craft of the storyteller and a little of the experience lived by her in her trajectory. Stories activate the imagination and create an interface with real life. They feed dreams and desires, but also teach and strengthen thoughts and reflections. The stories help children, as well as adults, to work with feelings and emotions, with possible pain and losses that life can bring, but they also teach strategies for conquest, for coping with the weak in the face of the strong, for building character. The action of storytelling can develop true bonds of friendship and complicity between those who practice them – the listener and the narrator. Shall we reveal a little more about this ancient human activity? Shall we tell a story? Presented by: Míriam Fontana Directed by: Jair Correia 

And now Zezé, what animal is he?

by Semiramis Paterno and André Bordini.

This video features a presentation of 23 animals, from A to Z. Each animal comes with a song and a beautiful illustration. The best is the proposed interactivity. On the website you can find the illustrations and create whatever animal you want, an abefante, a jacaceronte, and whatever else you come up with.

Directed by: Jair Correia

Click here and create your pet.

This video presented by the visual artist, filmmaker and set designer Jair Correia argues about the importance of good scenography for a theatrical show. It is aimed at all genders and age groups who want to better understand some resources to make their aesthetic goals of scenography in the theater more receptive. The video provides a historical overview of the Theater's scenography concept and analyzes its principles for its application.

Directed by: Jair Correia



This work integrates the

VIRTUAL ARTS SHOW: CULTURE INSIDE THE HOUSE, funded by the City of Ribeirão Preto

through the Municipal Secretary of Culture and Tourism.

#culturarp #mostravirtualdeartes #culturadentrodecasa


Based on the stories

“O Caminho do Rio” by Ana Luiza Gentil
“A Magical Place” by Miriam Fontana
“The Legend of the Sands” From the Sufi Tradition
“Flying Rivers” by Miriam Fontana
“Juca, the Fish and the River” by Tuca Pina

ÁGUA VIVA is an adventure of rivers and waters. Starting with the birth of a little river, the son of rain and the waters of a spring that flows through
between the stones, ÁGUA VIVA takes the viewer on a journey along the waters of the river.
And there are so many surprises along the way!!! Who would say that the sea is not the only end of every path of a river and that the essence of water can reveal
secrets we can't even imagine.


 With Miriam Fontana

and Eula Hallak

Directed by Jair Correia 


I laughpardinhoBrownbrown

Based on the work of Perci Guzzo

Eu Rio is a conversation between a housewife and herself while preparing a meal. Non-conformist and good-natured, she knows that the river that passes through her city guards life that cannot be destroyed.


 With Miriam Fontana

Directed by Jair Correia 

The Color of Life

by Semiramis Paternal

picture book of

Paternal Semiramis.

Two mothers, one white and one black, lose their children

in the crowd.

It was just a mess.


Performance and text: Miriam Fontana

Cinematography and Editing: Jair Correia

Music and viola caipira:

Ricardo Matsuda

Carnation: Patricia Gatti 

Publisher Lê

Oh Mole!

by André Luís Oliveira

Just like people who

looks and does not see.

It took a little while for the sloth and the monkey to understand each other.


Author: André Luís Oliveira

Illustration: Sérgio Merli

Publisher Suinara 

The beautiful story of the girl who was afraid of the dark

but didn't tell anyone

by Cordeiro de Sa

What are you most afraid of? Cockroaches, thieves, ghosts or flying saucers? Could it be that what you fear most is the darkness of your own imagination?

Authorship and Illustration: Cordeiro de Sá


DANI DOWN a nice boy

by André Oliveira and Arnaldo Junior

Dani Down is a different kid. But who is exactly like the other? Nobody. If you look closely, even the twins are not exactly identical.

What is really very special about Dani Down is the hug she knows how to give.


Authorship: André Oliveira and Arnaldo Junior

Illustration: Paternal Semiramis

Franco Editora

Dani Down.jpg


by Cordeiro de Sa

Emus are birds but they don't fly, they don't swim, they don't sing. Uh, so what does the rhea in our story do? She dreams and this can have very serious consequences.

Emma and the Dream

Authorship and Illustration: Cordeiro de Sá

Editing by CrowdFunding

a ema e o sonho.jpg
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