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Isabela Graeff, Míriam Fontana and Renata Martelli embarked on a theatrical journey,

at first as an artistic investigation,

and now sharing the result of the work.

How it all began ...

The great essayist, literary critic, translator, philosopher and sociologist Walter Benjamin,

in his famous text “The Narrator”, he praises in an extraordinary way the narratives of the Russian writer Nikolai Leskov. The desire to unveil the powerful force rooted in Russian stories and the translation of “A Fraude” into Portuguese allowed the actresses to become entangled

in the game between theater and the narrative language of the spectacular Russian short story

“Kotin, the Provider and Platonida”.

The work built up slowly. There was no rush to approach languages,

distinct bodies and voices in search of an expression.

In a small town in 19th century Russia, life is determined and driven by hatred fueled by religious strife, the rigor of winter, the effort of the body

in search of survival, through epidemics, through wars, ... and through the love that springs from infertile lands.

Rehearsal photos with actresses Renata Martelli, Míriam Fontana and Isabela Graeff.

Now ...

The rush is already present in the urgency to put the work in dialogue with the public. There are so many emerging issues in search of resonance: religious fights, the domination of men over women, being simultaneously feminine and masculine, the insistent  practice of violent, intentional and repeated acts against a defenseless person . ..

And all this discussion is sustained with poetry and beauty, characteristics inherent in Leskov.

The invitation has great reach...

There are so many cuts that can be made that the desire to express themselves invites young and adult audiences in general to share this artistic experience.

Process of production and execution of the show "tools from the broken house"

Presentation at the House of Art.

Virtual Photographic Exhibition.

Research material for broken house tools.

Teaser of the broken house tools show.

broken house tools

adaptation of the short story "Kotin the Provider and Platonida" by Nikolai Leskov
with the group Out of series




Denise Sales



Out of series group



Jonas Golfeto


Conception and Operation:

Isabela Graeff
Miriam Fontana
Renata Martelli


Music Direction:

Maestro Sergio Alberto de Oliveira


Scenography and Scenography:

Jair Correia


Costume and Makeup:

Dino Bernardi



Jonas Golfeto


Assembly and Light Operation:

John Zanon Baptist

Light Operation:

Michel Mika Masson


Modeling and Sewing:

Zeze Cherubini



João Bisinoto and Eliana Paula de Oliveira

Libras Translator and Interpreter:

Lucas Rafael Gomes dos Santos


Digital Media Advice:

Amanda Furlan


Press office:

Source Communication


Production Consultancy:

Fernanda Moura


Executive production:

Jair Correia and Miriam Fontana



Casa da Arte Multi Meios/Outside the series



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